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reg. no.

C 402

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Southern thermal region - thermal baths 13 and 18 km


90,568 square feet

liveable floor space

1,083.06 square feet


electricity 230V, night currant, water, well with electrical pump, septic tank, central heating, telephone, cable TV (incl. fast internet connection)


4 rooms, liveable hall, kitchen, lumber-room, entrance hall, bathroom, carport, several outhouses, arch cellar


Authentic village house, centrally located in a medium-sized village, accompanied by extensive outbuildings. Here, qualitative requirements and the classic style of the building were tastefully brought together during the renovation. By far the most spaces present themselves absolutely in a comparable state of maintenance with western standards. In the outbuildings, today there are a hobby room (insulated and usable throughout the year), a very spacious workshop and a huge storage. Everything surrounded by many fruit trees, vines, berry bushes and a sea of ​​flowers.
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26,989 €

From German vendors, who have reconstructed the house with a lot of love for details, but for whom it is becoming too big given their age, this ensemble is offered for sale. Living room, liveable hall and bedroom are in an excellent state of maintenance, the new kitchen is already ready for plastering0, another room, the nowadays used kitchen and the bathroom are structurally completely in order, but not yet on the same standard as the living area.


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